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2015 Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle.

Ever wondered how a fuel cell vehicle works?

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by amazing technology, generating electricity from hydrogen through an electrochemical process within a fuel cell stack. Vehicles that use this technology combine the best attributes of gasoline and battery-powered cars, resulting in a clean, long-range vehicle with fast refuelling times. Earlier this summer, Hyundai leased its first mass-produced Tucson FuelRead Full Story

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Toyota BC’s HybridLand addresses traffic, tolls and cost of gas in Metro Vancouver

Toyota BC has launched, a website that poses provocative questions about how British Columbians live and move in Metro Vancouver. How can we afford commuting from Langley to Downtown Vancouver with the increasing price of gas and the cost of toll bridges? Will the price of gas ever decrease? These are some of theRead Full Story

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Nissan e-NV200

Nissan’s second EV starts global production in Barcelona

Nissan has started the production of its second all-electric vehicle—the e-NV200—which will be available as both a passenger vehicle and light commercial van. The Nissan plant in Barcelona will be the global production site for this zero-emission vehicle, which will be available as a light commercial van, passenger vehicle and electric taxi. Barcelona will beRead Full Story

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Honda Accord Hybrid.

Honda Accord Hybrid wins 2014 Canadian Green Car Award

A panel of top Canadian automotive journalists has selected the Honda Accord Hybrid from among five other category winners as the vehicle that best combines environmental benefits and mass-market appeal. The Accord had won the Hybrid category, in a tie with Volkswagen’s Jetta Turbo Hybrid, in an earlier selection round, after extensive testing and assessmentsRead Full Story

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St. Regis Hotel, 602 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC

EV drivers enjoy free parking and charging at Vancouver’s St. Regis Hotel

With its compact layout and short distances, Vancouver is an ideal place for electric vehicles, and there’s no better place for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to stay in Vancouver than the St. Regis Hotel. Located in the centre of downtown Vancouver, the St. Regis is offering EV drivers free charging from two newly installed high-speedRead Full Story

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