Vancouver ABFM Reviews

2023 Vancouver ABFM


Roberts Creek, BC: The 2023 ABFM was THE BEST! Thank you for your efforts, I cannot imagine how much work it must be to make this such a grand success. Regards, Alan Comfort, 1938 Velocette & 1948 MG TC

Vancouver, BC: What a fantastic show! I might have been dead on my feet by 5.30 pm but I had a great day – anticipated for months and totally lived up to expectations. Even the weather cooperated. Thank you for all the effort you put into these shows over the years, and for all that you do for our hobby. Alan & Maureen Inglis, Vancouver, BC, 1993 Bentley Continental

North Delta, BC: We had a great time [at the 2023 ABFM Harrison RUN]! We look forward to more fun events with ABFM. David & Anna Johnson, 2004 MINI Cooper S

Surrey, BC: Thank you for an excellent Event in Harrison Hot Springs [2023 ABFM Harrison RUN]. Such a wonderful group of participants. Jim Clarke, 1976 TR6

North Vancouver, BC:  Another excellent ABFM! Well done, and thank you! Robert McCullough, 1974 MGB

Delta, BC: The All British Field Meet was great with lots of new cars on the field. It is nice to see the new ones but I sometimes wonder where the others went? We should have enough British cars around to fill the field a few times over. The bonus was being able to talk with all the interested people, both the enthusiasts showing their cars and all of the visitors just admiring our prides and joy. I noticed a lot of younger people coming to look at the cars this year. That may bode well for our hobby if even a few take enough interest to join in British car ownership. Alas, the popular cars are the newer ones as the cars you can buy new, like MINIs, Aston Martins, Lotuses, and Jaguars, take over. It is not a bad thing but us old guys still prefer the cars of our youth.
The drive to Harrison is such a hit over Whistler. It is a much more pleasant drive when you don’t have the racers in their 4X4 trucks trying to be first up the Sea to Sky. I didn’t have anyone try to pass me along Highway 7. Being able to sit at the holiday camp, listening to music, and enjoying our friend’s company beats the hustle of Whistler village. Good move to this location!
Again, thank you both for all the work you put into making this weekend special for us British car enthusiasts. It is the event of the year and something I truly look forward to. Steve Blake, 1948 MG TC (and a myriad number of other vehicles shown over the years).

Vancouver, BC: Thank you for putting on such a great show. It looked to be a very successful event. A good time was had by all. My grandson first started coming to the ABFM at five years old. He is starting to take a great interest in British cars. He is getting close to his driver’s license this year. Maybe he will be driving me to the show next year. Brian Libin, 1978 MGB.

Seattle, Washington: From The Seattle Jaguar Club….Thank You.   Your tireless story is one for the Hall of Fame.  “The Greatest Show on British Wheels…. Tracy Owen, 1996 Jaguar XJS, Celebration Edition.

Kenmore, Washington: Sue and I had a wonderful time despite not having the car [this year].  I also want to send a shout-out to your first aid staff. My back didn’t last the entire event, and as we were setting up for the awards, my legs gave out.  Several people nearby saw what was happening and jumped to my aid, preventing me from falling to the ground.  Sue went off to find the first aid people, and Allen and Lindsey came to take care of me. They were very professional and arranged a cart to get me back to the car!  After a bit of rest, I was fine and continued to improve—just too much walking on uneven ground and too much distance. I guess I can’t rush the recovery from my back surgery. Thanks for producing such a fun event.  See you next year! Bruce and Sue Jackson; 1960 Austin Healey 3000

Langley, BC: Fantastic job, as usual, on the ABFM at Vandusen Garden this year. Great show, well organized in a beautiful setting! And, we had a coffee truck early in the morning. Great job. Keep it up. A big fan! Ray Tyers, 1963 TR3a.

Updated 2022 ABFM

Photo: courtesy Vancouver Best Places.

Vancouver, BC: What a splendid show today [Saturday, May 21, 2022] was and how beautifully and well organized. Huge crowds, probably a record.

Young visits old at 2022 Vancouver ABFM. Photo: Patrick Stewart.

Congratulations. Jonathan Parker, 1960 AC Ace; 1986 Jaguar XJ6

Vancouver, BC: Thank you & more thank you to you and the team for endowed us with fabulous weather & first class operation again .. already looking forward to 2023. Leo Chow, 1958 British BMW Isetta.

Vancouver, BC: I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the effort you put forth for the Jag/MG club.  This weekend was a smashing success and much had to do with your commitment to the club.  Having been in this club for decades I wanted you to know all your hard work is recognized and most appreciated.  Colin Davies, 2011 Jaguar XKR

Vancouver, WA: Very sincere thanks to you for producing this event. It is always Number One on our yearly agenda of car events. This year seemed to have even more energy and enthusiasm on the field than the previous, great years. The crowd seemed bigger, too. Always a classy show for classy cars. We also thank VanDusen Gardens for providing the most-unique setting of any car event we attend. We too look forward to seeing you in 2023.  Paul & Steffi Rollins, 1960 Morgan Plus 4

Lineup of enthusiast attendees at the 2022 Vancouver ABFM. Photo: Alan Donaldson.

Delta, BC: Thank you very much for putting on such a wonderful weekend of events! Your payment to the weather gods was worth it as our weather was brilliant both days. It was a great time catching up with people and talking about our cars. I found the atmosphere amazing as everyone was so pleased to be back after a couple years of being shut out. It was great to see many new cars on the field and some old ones that had been refurbished. It is making the judging more challenging!
I support not having a 3rd place award in class, first and runner-up makes more sense. Although, for something different how about voting for the ugliest car on the field, the worst restored, or the barely drivable? Kind of the lemon award! Might be kind of fun, unless of course you actually win it!!
Driving to Harrison was a brilliant idea and everyone I talked to feels the same way. It was very relaxed and a nice picnic. Hard to replicate that in the bustle of Whistler. The drive was very scenic, no crazy drivers on the road, and several different routes to choose from on the drive home. Even though we have won a number of the quizzes, it was nice not having to do it so we could both put our attention into driving and enjoying the scenery. Thanks again for the wonderful weekend! You did an exemplary job and your efforts are very much appreciated. Steve & Susan Blake, 1991 Morgan Plus 8; 1939 MG VA.

1936 Bentley 4 1/4 Litre up from Vancouver, Washington.

Vernon, BC: I made it [to the 2022 Vancouver ABFM] despite 300 miles of rain and even hail between Merritt and Hope, and I could not put my hood up as I was in a construction area where you are not allowed to stop. So, I ended up with about one inch of hail stones inside my car and muck all over the outside. Pity you did not have a section for the dirtiest car; I would have won it, hands down.
Good job; we had nice weather for the Meet, and I had sun all the way home just for a change, although it was still bitterly cold in the mountains. Thanks.  Dave Larnder, 1958 Triumph TR3A

Sidney, BC: Just a little note to say what a wonderful day we had on Saturday. You and your organizing committee did an outstanding job, it seemed to us that it was one of the  Best shows we’ve been at over the years. How did you get the weather to cooperate, you must have a secret. Had a great time, and you’re sure see me next year. I don’t think I’ll ever miss the show  as long as I can drive, and possibly after that.
Once again a big thanks, and all the best in the year to come. Cheers! Trevor Parker, 1955 Austin Healey 100M

Delta, BC
Machines; record attendance, sunny weather, exhibitors, vendors and maximum capacity; It was the BEST show ever! Congratulations! See you next year!  Chris Walker, 1965 Austin Mini
Escondido, California
Thank you for organizing the ABFM. [My wife] Kristie and I enjoyed it very much.  Mel & Kristie Hildebrandt, 1973 Triumph Stag
Roberts Creek, BC
Thank you very much for another spectacular event.  Alan Comfort, 1948 MG TC

Updated May 31, 2018

Mount Vernon, Washington

I have attend the ABFM from the states (Washington) for several years.  I have always enjoyed them and the people are just so darn nice.  My wife and I were amazed at the number of cars on the field and the number of people who visited the show.  We are always proud to show our car there.  This one I think was jam packed with cars and people.  Congratulations to you and all who helped for an outstanding show. We look forward to it each year.  So give yourself a pat on the back you deserve it.  Dave Smailes, 1975 MGB

Courtenay, BC

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all your help this weekend. I had a great time, and really appreciated all the effort that went into making it such a great event. Hope you get a chance to rest, now!  Shaun Laughy, 1967 Triumph TR4A

Coquitlam, BC

As one of the participants, I wish to thank you for a wonderful car event. I took my 1953 MG TD.

Dave Waters with his 1953 MG TD.

A lady came up to me who was quite elderly and questioned me about the size of the car. In the late 50’s, she had an MGTD and put her two young children behind the front seat.(there is hardly any room there), on the front passenger seat she had her groceries.

She drove home to Deep Cove, started to unload the groceries, when she realized that the car, with her two young children still inside was rolling down hill toward some bushes!

She told me she dove into the car and yanked on the emergency brake, just in time to save the car and the children. Viewing my car brought back these memories for her!

That’s what the event is all about!  Dave Waters, 1953 MG TD

Victoria, BC

Here is a video of the Vancouver Island Adventure to the 2018 ABFM. A lot of fun, and you deserve all the accolades for a great meet and a good time.

Here is Richard Owens’ 28 minute excellent production of the whole thing as it happened in real time. From the Islanders point of view.   Dana Ferguson,1971 Jaguar XKE

Richmond, BC

Thanks for the amazing ABFM event this year! I had a great time. So much respect for putting on an event of that size.
I’m writing also because you might be interested in the video I put together. We have a series of videos dedicated to driving adventures and this episode is from ABFM on Saturday.
Hope you enjoy!

West Kelowna, BC

Just a note to thank you (Joan) and Patrick for a sterling job again with the ABFM [2018]. It is an event that  Marilyn and I enjoy, but it’s the people that make it all come together. Looking forward to 2019. God Bless. Here are a couple of pictures we took [Whistler Run event].

A Kelowna contingent of attendees to the 2018 Vancouver ABFM presented Joan Stewart (right), co-event organizer, Vancouver ABFM, with a beautiful bouquet.

The day after the ABFM at VanDusen, close to 100 cars made the trek to Whistler for the ABFM Whistler Run to Creekside Village.










Brian Mellis, 1971 Jaguar E-Type, Series 2

Vernon, BC
On behalf on the Rover-Landers of BC I would just like to congratulate and thank you on another fabulous and successful ABFM at VanDusen Gardens.
The show was a treat once again and we had 26 Land Rovers stuffed up on the grassy knoll to celebrate Land Rover turning 70.
Our celebratory cake was very well rec’d and I think I handed out about 150 slices to anyone who was in line!
Many members from the brass band came over for a slice which was nice, a bit of a thank you to them as well for doing such a good job playing to the crowds.
Pat yourselves on the back my friends for another ABFM well done.
Pamela Blair, 1995 Land Rover Defender 110
Vancouver, BC
Congratulations to everyone who was involved in organizing ABFM 2018. It was one of the best I have attended.  Jim Waugh

Vancouver, BC

I have to commend you both, your support team and sponsors for another memorable ABFM.
The weather as it seems on the last 4 years on my attendance has been fantastic.
New contacts made and a fantastic collection of British cars on view.
Another memorable year. Keep it up please 👍  John Armitage, 2009 Aston Martin Vantage

Toronto, Ontario

My wife, son (living in Van) and I attended the Great Car Show! The location proved to be a Great Location and the weather was just right! Many great cars to look at and the people behind the vehicles were great to talk to and provided a lot of details and information!

We came from Toronto for the weekend and took part in the ABFM. Thanks.  Yvon R. Langlois, MSc, CHRP, CHRL, ACFM

Channel Islands, UK

Congratulations on a splendid event [2017 Vancouver ABFM].

My Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of your efforts when we visited on the first day of your event. We were on our last day of wonderful holiday having driven from Calgary to Vancouver including the Island. We found out about it in the morning newspaper in our hotel on our last morning in Canada.

A bonus for Sue were the wonderful [VanDusen Botanical] gardens.

Eric Payn’s 1932 Essex Super Six Pacemaker as collected in June 2014.

I have an roadworthy 1932 Hudson Essex Super Six Pacemaker, built in Canada, shipped to the UK then on to Jersey where we live and it has been in the Channel Islands ever since. It is one of the very last of the marque before it became Terraplane.

Mirrors have always been a problem for we have very narrow lanes on our small island..Sadly, I missed speaking with the owner of the little green Morris featured in the photo above yourselves in the leader of the [ABFM Souvenir] mag which I have to hand. Those on his car may well fit my motor, but where did he get them from?

Dashboard and controls of 1932 Essex Super Six Pacemaker.

Can you please help me by forewording him this missive – it would be most helpful.

I’m lending the [2017 ABFM Souvenir] mag to a friend who has two MK2 Jags—3.8 and 2.6, both in wedding presentation condition.
Eric Payn: 1932 Super Six Pacemaker


Thanks for including the 2017 Vancouver ABFM as part of your visit to Vancouver and glad you enjoyed the show. Have forwarded your email, as requested, and hopefully you’ll be able to track down those mirrors for the Essex.

Pitt Meadows, BC
We attended the 1st ABFM with an MGB that I had installed a Buick V6 in…when my younger son was just 11 years old.  He and I restored it again 35 years later and I sold it to a chap in Salmon Arm as we had been working with Minis since 1991.

[In 2016], I was there again with my Leyland Australia Mini Window Van that took 3rd place in a thin field of LWB Minis.  I had driven 40,000 kilometres around Australia in 2011 & 2013 before shipping it to Canada.  It has since gone to Ohio & back and this year to San Diego & back.  And I have entered it in the Alcan 5000 Summer Rally 2018.

The 1961 Countryman sat in a rack in my garage from 2004 until December 2015.  I hope to debut it in 2018 (unlikely this year) and do well in class – both my son’s Mini sedan (1994) and my Mini sedan (2007) took 1st in class.  My Mini sedan got a very rare Honorable Mention from the professional judges at the Portland ABFM in 2006 after it had gone to Arizona & Maryland for the 2006 Mini Meets West & East.

I tell you this because the Vancouver ABFM is such an important date, to see & admire what others have done across Marques, to visit with Canadian & American friends who attend, and to see how others regard your efforts.

You have likely heard many stories like mine and the compliments that go to you & your team for the excellent work you do year after year.
Rick Higgs: various British cars

North Saanich, BC
Our day started with the challenge of getting our car started—however, I did find the problem and it burst into life and we made it to the start just in time!

The weekend was the first outing for the car after 6 years of restoration—and what better way than ABFM at Van Dusen and then the lovely drive up to Whistler.Jaguar XKE

We really enjoyed the weekend—great cars and great chats with so many interesting people. Also, we appreciated the wonderful award of the case of Autogylm products—it made our day. Our thanks to you all for putting on such a wonderful weekend. Kindest regards,
Peter & Judy Jeffrey: 1969 Jaguar XKE 2+2

Okotoks, Alberta
Our first time adventure to the ABFM [2016] was terrific. Not only did we win two awards, but we met a group of wonderful people, saw many amazing cars and thoroughly enjoyed the [VanDusen] park setting. Thanks to you and your team for putting on a spectacular event. Kind regards,
Larry Paterson & Linda Le Geyt: 1949 Austin A40 Pickup

 Port Coquitlam, BC
Great ABFM weekend! Even the weather cooperated to the fullest. Thanks for the wonderful Car Show.
John McDonald: 1949 Austin A40 Devon: Chairperson, Old English Car Club—Vancouver Coast Branch

Vancouver, Washington
Thanks very, very much for another, very-enjoyable event. Always our favourite car activity of the year. Well worth the trip from the other Vancouver—even with the ordeals of border crossing and the tunnel tourture. This year seemed to offer an even-wider assortment of models than the past (which was then even greater than the other shows we attend). The crowd seemed bigger, too. Great food-vendor choices. Good to see fish & chips, and the crepe lady was terrific entertainment, in addition to offering very-appealing varieties of crepes. Thanks for re-introducing the Friday-evening Noggin & Natter. Looking forward to next year already.
Paul & Steffi Rollins: 1955 MG Magnette, et al

Sechelt, BC
First off, I’d like to congratulate and thank you so much for a most excellent weekend, well done. The Field Meet and Whistler Run came off without a hitch. Well, at least that’s the way it seemed to us, the participants, I suspect that there may have been more than a little of the “Swan Effect” at work—all peaceful serenity above, with much frantic activity below. At any rate, another VanDusen Show is history and British motoring has officially begun for the season. Thanks again, and cheers,
Tom Morris: 1969 Morgan Plus 8

Vancouver, BC
A great show, the organization was flawless, the parking directions this year was particularly efficient and the prize-giving very fast. The one suggestion is to consider placing the name of the origin of each entrant on the windscreen card. Best regards.
Jonathan Parker: 1960 AC Ace

St, Alberta, Alberta
Had an excellent time! Bravo to you and your team of volunteers. Cheers!!!
Dave Kujala: 1973 MGB

Victoria, BC
On behalf of  those of us representing the OECC from the Island I would like to thank, and commend you [Joan] and Patrick, and all of the others, of which there were many, for all of the hard work put into making the Van Dusen weekend such a success. I was so glad that Carol and I were not away this year and could be at the gardens to meet up with  friends from the States and from around BC  to share the atmosphere, with the band, the piper and the trilling birds only enhancing the day amongst the blossoms. Few will have any idea of how much work or time, and probably patience is needed to organize such an event, but some of us from the Island, even if our experience has only been on a smaller scale, do and we will continue to appreciate, and support you, as well as taking advantage of the event. Kind regards,
Dennis Brammer: 1962 Daimler SP250 Dart

Newcastle, Washington
Congratulations on another great ABFM. You do a great job of putting on a huge show. It appeared things ram sommothly for you. At least I sure hope so.
Lois Buhman: 1959 Austin-Healey

Vernon, BC
On behalf of The Rover-Landers of BC THANK YOU for another fantastic ABFM. We all had a lot of fun and we were proud to have such a great turn out of Land Rovers this year. Thank you for all your hard work over the years and to all your crew behind the scenes before and on the day of the event. Well done!!

Land Rovers at 2016 ABFM
Pamela Blair: 1966 Land Rover SIIA: Newsletter Editor & Membership Coordinator for the Rover-Landers of BC



Vancouver, BC
Great job as always! Nice to see that you even kept the rain away.
Wayne Dowler: 1993 Jaguar XJS: British Motorcycles Owners Club, Vancouver

Grand Forks, BC
I  wanted to let you know how we enjoyed attending the ABFM this year and meeting new people and old friends with  the same passion for British cars. Just one part I heard a lot of disappointment and comments  about was the  way cars are judged for the awards in each class.  Is there any way this can be done so that is fair to all the entries in each class? The ideas that I got from other attendees is that the judging can be by the entrant but also the use of concourse judges that would score each class as 123. Not sure if that will work. I look forward to your comments. Thanks.
George Novotny, 1975 Triumph TR6, Convertible


The class awards are judged by the entrants (including yourself). There are 61 Classes and 1, 2, 3 awards for each (Total 183 cars), so we would be there all weekend if the ABFM judges were to also then re-judge the results of the Entrants voting. ‎Also, the folks who are disappointed need to understand the principle of Entrants Choice voting—it is simply a CHOICE made by all the ABFM Entrants who vote within non-competing class cars for THEIR choice…they do not judge on a points basis like the Sponsors’ Awards, which are judged by ABFM judges on a stricter basis; more than one of our judges also has judged at the Pebble Beach Concours. We believe that this is actually the best of both recognition  systems—Entrants Choice and ABFM Judged. We are not a Concours Show and never will be as that is a whole different judging system and would be impossible with a show with more than 500 cars.

So there you have it, 31 years of this format – not perfect but recognized and copied by others, so we think it is as good as it can be given the size and nature of the event. Always interested in constructive and well informed feedback from our important entrants. If there are any further questions or suggestions from the group, please let us know.

Langley, BC

[I am] commenting on was the disparity on restoration projects between someone who has $50,000 or more to spend as opposed to an enthusiast who spends hundreds and hundreds of hours and knows every nut and bolt and wire because of all the time spent. (in my case 600 hours). I can only use myself as an example but I’m sure there are others out there as well. When I registered for the 2016 ABFM (I’ve only missed 1 in 26 years) after a 2 year restoration on my bright yellow 1959 TR3A I ticked off the box as a Debuting Restoration under $50,000. As I was competing against professional restoration shops I knew my chances of any recognition were slim at best. As I mentioned to you, I wonder if there are any other enthusiasts out there like myself that have spent many hours restoring their cars? I’m  thinking that there could be some kind of recognition/award for those of us who make the effort to be involved with most of the restoration themselves. An Enthusiasts Restoration award maybe?

This would be for the owners that spend the time and effort to make their cars the best they can at a budget price. (in my case $20,000 for a frame off restoration and the car is actually worth more than was spent, what a concept!).

 I’m sure there are many owners out there that don’t have $50,000 or more to spend but still want to preserve and enjoy the vehicles we have come to love. Just a thought.

Victor Russell, 1959 Triumph TR3A, Convertible: co-founder LAMB (Langley Area Mostly British Motoring Club)


Thanks for your comments. The 1949 Austin A40 Pickup that won this year’s Best Debuting Restoration under $50,000 award (the category under which you were vying) was a restoration that took several years and the work involved was mostly done by the owner.

Victoria, BC
I am sorry that some participants were disappointed in their perception of the judging of awards at the recent ABFM in Vancouver: it is often a controversial area, whatever the size of the Show. As your response clearly indicates, at VanDusen the “Class Awards” are judged by the registered participants, with one not able to vote in the class one’s own vehicles is exhibited, whilst “Sponsors Awards” are judged only by the ABFM’s own experienced, qualified judges; nothing else is practicable.

Such a format for judging the “Class Awards” will of course always put us at the mercy of our fellow exhibiters, some of whom have a wide knowledge of English classic cars, whilst others have very little. Some will judge on originality, knowledge of factory colours and correct period accessories, whilst others might prefer twin chromed tail pipes on 4-cylinder cars, modern metallic paint finishes, or retro fitted high-backed velour seats; but it is the accumulation of the opinions of all of us which goes into the tally for the Class Awards. I have been at shows where recent Concours winning cars have been completely ignored for vehicles which have been lowered, small mag wheels fitted and had racing decals stuck onto their shiny iridescent bodywork.  As a result, such voting vagaries often means that it is rare for the best three cars in any category (if judged by “qualified and experienced” judges) to emerge with the top three Class Awards because at VanDusen, and at myriad similar shows, the voting CANNOT be done by qualified judges, there are not enough of them available, so the job is farmed out to enthusiasts like us. Certain results may seem perfidious, erratic and prejudicial, but that is the way it is. I have both suffered and benefitted by such practices at Shows, but in the democratic world we vote for the person or thing we think is best. To some our choices may seem arbitrary, but at least we have participated and thrown in our 10 cents worth. “Would I change the way the voting is done?” My answer is “No” and the question reminds me of people who suggest that we should have to pass an exam before we are allowed to cast a ballot in civic elections, or even before we have children!

Most of us try to exhibit our cars to their best, we share them with everyone who comes to the Show, we smile, and we do not canvass for votes, nor do we expect that others will see all of the virtues that we see in our own cars, nor do we denigrate others. If occasionally there is a small plaque to take home it should be seen as a bonus, or even sheer luck. But if we go home with no award (and most of us do), the experience of seeing 5 to 600 English cars on parade, without an AA break-down truck anywhere, in a beautiful setting and in a well organized event, with well behaved attendees of all races, aged from a month old to one hundred, and shared with fellow enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest, is a reward unto itself. Many people throughout the world would just love to be able to join us; that is why some of us continue to spend so much on fettling, ferries, hotels and meals just to participate.

Car Shows are a joint enterprise between the exhibitors and the organizers. Without each other our event could never be billed, as it is — “the greatest show on British wheels!” This “togetherness” means that people from all walks of life will continue to bring their cars, and their stories to VanDusen, and why I shall continue to send photos of the humblest Austin A30 to the most flamboyant Allard, taken at VanDusen, to friends and colleagues to drool over, whether they are in England, Switzerland or New Zealand. Being there, amongst the glitter, the noise, the colour, the memories, the sound and the odd whiff of upper cylinder lubricant, at least to me and several of my acquaintances, is what it is all about; by sharing our hobby we are both sharing and teaching history or heritage and having fun doing it: that the organizers and the judges coordinate things so well to enable that to happen is the wonderful bonus.

Thank you once again to all of the organizers, helpers, and judges who continue to combine to keep our hobby alive and to promulgate English Auto Art, from the exotic to the most utilitarian exhibits, and by writing this, I am immediately reminded me of something my six year old granddaughter said to me when riding in my Daimler –

“Papa, can I ask you a question; I’ll try to put it politely?”

“Of course, I said” and waited for her to compose herself.

“Papa, Papa, when you have retired from living, do you think that I could have this car, and still take it to shows for you?”
Dennis Brammer, 1962 Daimler SP250 Dart

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