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Hyundai Auto Canada highlights parallels of car shopping and dating by partnering with Canadian celebrities Jasmine Lorimer and Joey Scarpellino for Hyundai's Ultimate Date. (CNW Group/Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.)

Hyundai Canada study reveals when it comes to dating and car shopping, women look for reliability and compatibility more than men do

Whether shopping for a new car or gearing up for a big date, women are unsurprisingly more sensible—77 per cent look for reliability in a potential partner, and 87 per cent say they look for it in a car (compared to 66 per cent and 80 per cent of men, respectively) according to a newRead Full Story

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2015 Tucson Fuel Cell vehicle.

Ever wondered how a fuel cell vehicle works?

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by amazing technology, generating electricity from hydrogen through an electrochemical process within a fuel cell stack. Vehicles that use this technology combine the best attributes of gasoline and battery-powered cars, resulting in a clean, long-range vehicle with fast refuelling times. Earlier this summer, Hyundai leased its first mass-produced Tucson FuelRead Full Story

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