Genesis: a new name in luxury

2022 Genesis GV70. Photo: Arjun Sumra

BMW, Mercedes, Audi, these are just some of the names that come to mind when one thinks of luxurious sports vehicles. There is now one more to add to the list—Genesis, a name suitably derived from the Greek word for “origin.”

I was lucky enough to be provided with an all-new 2022 Genesis GV70 from Genesis Richmond for a weekend test drive. The vehicle model was the 3.5T Sport Plus AWD in a stunning Barossa Burgundy colour with Obsidian Black Nappa leather interior.

Simply by looking at this compact SUV, you can see why I call it a luxury vehicle. The signature Genesis G-Matrix grille and the ultra-slim quad headlights give it a unique styling that will set you apart from the sea of BMW X3s and Mercedes-Benz GLAs on the Lower Mainland’s streets.

Stepping inside the Genesis GV70 and turning the ignition, the first thing you notice is the 12.3” 3D TFT digital instrument cluster, which not only provides all the basic instrumentation, but also conveniently displays the blind-spot view monitors in front of the driver.

Moving toward the center of the dashboard, there is a 14.5” HD touch screen that features a new graphical user interface, designed exclusively for Genesis, which allows users to interact through graphical icons and audio indicators, instead of text-based user interfaces.

These are all great features, but If you’re like me, then you care about your sound quality over most interior features. The Lexicon Premium Audio, with 18 speakers and a strong, punchy bass that rivals most home theatre systems, more than manages to provide great quality acoustic sound. And you don’t have to be afraid to turn it up, as the GV70 comes equipped with laminated acoustic door glass to keep the sound inside.

When I picked up the vehicle, the sun was shining, the roads were empty, and the tank was full. Using the tempered-glass, shift-by-wire gear selector, I took off from the Richmond Auto Mall and decided to keep it in comfort, at least until I got myself adjusted. Thanks to the electronically controlled suspension, which previews the road ahead and adjusts itself accordingly, the ride was incredibly smooth, and I barely noticed many of the potholes Richmond has to offer.

2022 Genesis GV70. Photo: Arjun Sumra

After a few minutes, I pulled off the main road to see what the GV70 really had to offer. Switching to Sport Plus mode, I unlocked the full potential of the 375-horsepower, 391 lb-ft torque animal that lay within. From zero to 100 in around five seconds, and a quarter mile at the 12-second mark, this is an incredibly fast SUV. The electronic limited slip differential helped keep the GV70 planted firmly on the road during turns, and the quilted Napa leather sport seats kept me planted firmly within them.

Usually, once in Sport mode, most vehicles challenge a driver’s comfort and control, but in this Genesis, I felt in full control and barely noticed the potholes.

After an hour or two of fun, I decided it was time for lunch and when I returned to the car after this pit stop, I found myself in a tight parking situation. This provided the perfect opportunity to try the one feature that I was overly excited about—the remote Smart Parking Assist. Using the key fob, I was able to start the vehicle and summon it forward to give my 6’2” height and 200-pound body weight ample space to hop inside, turn up my music and take off.

The 2022 Genesis GV70 is now my new favourite luxury SUV—and I’ve driven them all. It’s sporty yet comfortable, quick yet agile, phenomenal to look at and comes with an MSRP starting at $49,150.

For more information, visit Genesis Richmond in the Richmond Auto Mall,

Test drive & review by Arjun Sumra