Compact cars beat out limos & vintage cars to take top spot in Instagram wedding posts

Tiny Fiat 500 is top wedding car on Instagram posts. Photo: courtesy

With COVID lockdowns now lifted and traditional wedding ceremonies again taking off, it appears that limousines and vintage cars now account for only a minority of Instagram posts, with more affordable, less ostentatious vehicles becoming increasingly popular.

For couples, arriving at their marriage venue in style no longer means hiring a limousine; instead, they increasingly opt for compact and quirky wedding cars.

Rising wedding costs, the global pandemic and increased cost of living have all been factors in a trend away from expensive wedding cars towards more affordable and distinctly quirky vehicle choices.

Researchers at car rental comparison and booking website, based in Manchester, UK, have found that small compact cars and quirky retro camper vans with the #WeddingCars hashtag now make up most of Instagram’s top posts.

StressfreeCarRental’s researchers trawled through Instagram to name the compact cars on the network’s top 1,000 posts with the hashtag #WeddingCars. Compact cars such as The Fiat 500, Mini, Citroen 2CV and even the tiny Smart Car were all featured on social media posts highlighting wedding vehicles.

Here are the top quirky wedding cars on Instagram:

  1. Fiat 500
  2. VW Beetle
  3. MINI
  4. VW Camper Van
  5. Citroen 2CV
  6. Renault 4
  7. Smart Car

Traditional choices, such as a Rolls Royce, a Mercedes luxury saloon or a supercar, account for only a minority of posts.

By opting for a small wedding car, many couples save money and create cute and lasting memories of their big day.

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