Women motoring journalists from 38 countries on five continents vote Land Rover Defender as World’s Best Car 2021

The journalists of the Women’s World Car of the Year have chosen the Land Rover Defender as the World’s Best Car 2021.

To reach this result, the jurors of the international team of 50 female motoring experts from 38 countries and five continents tested dozens of models and evaluated each.

Nine vehicles reached the final, each of them winners in their category, and all of them worthy candidates for the highest trophy.

The finalists were:

Peugeot 208. Best Urban Car
Skoda Octavia. Best Family CR
Lexus LC 500 Cabrio. Best Luxury CR
Ferrari F8 Spider. Best Performance Car
Peugeot 2008. Best Urban SUV
Land Rover Defender. Best Medium SUV
Kia Sorento. Best Large SUV
Ford F-150. Best 4×4 & Pick-Up
Honda e. Best EV

After a vote in which different aspects such as safety, performance, comfort, technology and value for money were taken into account, the specialists gave the absolute victory to the Land Rover Defender.

The voting system of the Women’s World Car of the Year was based this year on choosing in the first round the three best cars in each category, taking into account models launched between January and December 2020.

In the second round the jurors chose only one, the best in each category in relation to its rivals in the same segment.

The third ballot was, undoubtedly, the most difficult, because the finalists were the winners of each segment, all vehicles that had already achieved an ‘excellent’ level.

“The Women’s World Car of the Year is the only jury in the world made up entirely of women motoring journalists,” said Marta Garcia, executive president of the Women’s World Car of the Year. “This gives it enormous value because its decisions represent the liking and preferences of millions of women drivers around the globe. But cars have no gender and are not subject to stereotypes, so the winners of these awards are, quite simply, the best cars in the world.”

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