Weissach partners with Langara College to raise $40k to support students in need

Super sports car dealership Weissach has partnered with Langara College to raise $40k, which will go toward the college’s food bags to help ensure food security for its students and access to technology to support their learnings.

As students across Canada begin the 2020 school year, many have felt the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Loss of income has had a major effect, with many unable to support themselves and their families and struggling to pay for the basics—textbooks, food and shelter.

Celebrating its 40th year in business, Weissach (the largest independent Porsche sales and service centre with four stores in two provinces, and representing iconic brands including Bugatti, Lamborghini, Lotus, Koenigsegg, Pininfarina and RUF) has teamed with Langara College to help raise funds for students who have been heavily impacted by COVID-19.

“Every year our customers kindly join us in supporting a chosen charity to help improve the lives

of those who need it most,” said Asgar Virji, president of Weissach Group. “This year, as we reach 40 years in business we want to give back, and have partnered with Langara College and are asking our fellow sports car enthusiasts to join us in our goal to raise $40,000 for at-risk students.”

For every dollar raised, Weissach has committed to match the amount to help students not only

survive, but thrive. For example, a recent survey of students found that more than 33 per cent of Langara students use their Smartphone as their only means to complete their course work.

Money raised will support specific areas: The Laptop Lending Library—providing students access to technology, such as laptops to use for up to an entire semester so they can continue their studies remotely; The Hamper Program – aimed at providing students with a back to school kit to support families, single parents, or those on a low income; The Community Cupboard – the parent program to The Hamper Program, which is an on-campus food bank that provides students with nutrient rich ingredients to make healthy meals; and Emergency Bursaries for students who need it most.

“The pandemic has hit our students hard said Yusuf Varachia, vice-president external development, Langara College. “As an example, food security has become an issue. Prior to the pandemic, we were distributing an average of 10 bags of food a week to students. However, since March we have distributed a total of 1,224 bags of food, which represents the equivalent of 21 meals.”

Weissach’s customers are being asked to join them in helping raise the money. Customers can donate online and receive a tax receipt by the Langara College Foundation, or donate specifically to one of the areas they feel most passionate about.

“We cannot express enough how thankful we are to our customers who have supported us in our journey from the beginning, and the charities we have supported, and we hope to once again work together to support students who need it during these challenging times,” said Virji.

For more information on how to donate, contact Moira Gookstetter at 778-987-6382.

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