The Greatest Show on British Wheels
2010 Vancouver All British Field Meet

25th Anniversary Celebration


Preserve the 'Class' in our Classics

  • Cars must be in place on the grounds by 10 a.m. on Saturday May 22, 2010, and may not be removed or engines started before 4:30 p.m. Gates open at 7:30 a.m. Avoid the lineup, arrive early and drive right in with no delay.
    NOTE: Pre-registered entrants with entrants pack get priority access.

  • Cars displayed must be registered in an individual's name and not in the name of a business

  • The use of any audible sound device by entrants is prohibited.

  • Cars must move slowly and carefully while on the grounds. If your car 'dribbles', please bring a drip mat to avoid burnt-grass marks. Enter the Drip Art Contest to win special prizes.

  • Do NOT park close to tree trunks as this disturbs the trees' roots.

  • "For Sale" signs are NOT to be displayed in, on or around cars displayed. Use the "For Sale" event notice board to post details of your car, or place a FREE Classified at

  • Signs with additional information about entrants' cars must be discreet and of high quality.

  • Flyers, pamphlets or advertising must be provided to the ABFM information tent and NOT placed in, on or around individual entrant's cars.

  • Animals are NOT allowed in owners' cars or anywhere in the Garden (Parks Board Ruling).

To sell small quantities of parts, products and/or memorabilia that are the property of the entrant (non commercial), reserve a space in the Swap Meet Area. This is a free service for registered car entrants only. For commercial booths see 'Costs'.

2010 Vancouver ABFM
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