BCAA partners with Kidney Car Program

June 3-9, 2012 is Canada’s Environment Week and vehicle owners are being encouraged to donate their unused vehicle(s) to the Kidney Car Program.

The Kidney Car Program is part of a unique series of “recycle for life” programs developed by The Kidney Foundation of Canada that benefit the environment, vehicle owners and people affected by kidney disease.

“Removing unsafe vehicles from our roads through the Kidney Car Program is an environmentally sound way to make our roads safer,” said Allan Lamb, president and COO of the BCAA Road Safety Foundation, which has partnered with The Kidney Foundation of Canada in the program.

With BCAA Road Safety Foundation’s involvement and BCAA’s network of towing contractors, the Kidney Car Program is being extended province wide in B.C.

The BCAA Road Safety Foundation receives 50 per cent of the proceeds from each vehicle donated by BCAA members.

How does the Kidney Car program work?

The program accepts trucks, motorcycles, trailers, ATVs or even farm equipment. Donors receive a free vehicle tow and a tax receipt.

Since 1995, the Kidney Car Program has recycled almost 25,000 vehicles. For each car donated, tires and car parts are recycled and 40 litres of fluids per average car are saved from leaking into backyards.

To donate a vehicle call 1-888-538-1057 or donate on-line at www.kidney.bc.ca

BCAA members should mention their membership at time of booking.

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