Celebration of 60th anniversary of Mini includes production of 10-millionth car

MINI fans all over the world are celebrating 60 years of history of this iconic British brand in 2019.

Now there is another reason to celebrate. The 10-millionth vehicle of the brand was produced at the British MINI Plant Oxford, where the classic Mini was manufactured from 1959 onwards.

The anniversary vehicle rolling off the production line was a model of the MINI 60 Years Edition – and it then came face to face with the brand’s first small car ever manufactured.

The classic Mini from 1959 and the Edition model from the year 2019 then joined forces with 60 other vehicles of the brand – each of them from one of the production years. They were all taking part in a road trip travelling to Bristol in convoy, where thousands of fans celebrated the world’s biggest birthday party for the British original at the International Mini Meeting on Sunday August 11.

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Mini.

The first classic Mini ever built drove at the head of the convoy. It bore the registration 621 AOK, well known among MINI fans. This car was followed in chronological order by protagonists from 60 years with the 10-millionth vehicle of the brand bringing up the rear of the impressive anniversary procession.

The production anniversary to celebrate 60 years of the brand’s existence bears witness to the uninterrupted popularity of MINI in the 21st century.

In 1959, the genius who designed the classic Mini, Alec Issigonis, laid down a definitive milestone in automobile history. The vehicle concept with the engine mounted transversely at the front of the car along with the gearbox configured beneath the engine, and the wheels positioned at the corners of the car together with a tailgate body provided maximum interior space on a minimum footprint. The design also ensured amazingly agile driving characteristics and it became the blueprint for modern small and compact cars.

Around 5.3 million units of the classic Mini were sold worldwide up until the year 2000.

Just one year later, the global success story of the brand was continued.

The reinterpretation of the inimitable design, the unsurpassed driving fun that is unique in the competitive environment and the individual style of the brand are qualities that empower MINI to continuously acquire new target groups in the premium compact segment.

And the next stage is about to be launched.

In November 2019, production of the all-electric powered MINI Cooper SE (fuel consumption combined: 0.0 l/100 km; electricity consumption combined: 16.8 – 14.8 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km) will commence – also in Oxford. In future, this will also make electromobility a typical MINI experience full of driving fun and individuality.

In 2019, almost 400 000 MINIs were sold in 110 countries. This means that the sales figures for the modern MINI are following hot on the heels of its historic predecessor. The MINI 3-door, MINI 5-door and MINI Clubman are currently being produced at the MINI Plant Oxford. Up to 1,000 vehicles are manufactured there every day.

The MINI Convertible and the MINI Countryman roll off the assembly line at the Dutch production partner VDL NedCar.

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