The new BMW X2 sporting Digital Camouflage

BMW X 2.

The new BMW X2 is still far from being ready for its market debut, nevertheless, the newest Sports Activity Coupé in the BMW X family is beginning to get out and about in its most congenial environment—the urban jungle.

In late September, the BMW X2 was noted during Fashion Week in Milan, Italy, wearing an outfit deemed perfect for the occasion. The athletic silhouette of the new BMW X2 was attired in a camouflage effect, with tones of yellow, grey and black  designed to highlight its sporty and stylish qualities.

The unusual underlying design is based on a digital model and is a window into the spirit and orientation of the future of the BMW Group.

The outing in Milan offered a good opportunity to see firsthand the new interpretation of BMW X design aimed at young people who are extroverted and active.

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