2017 Official Vancouver ABFM show painting & poster art

2017 Vancouver ABFM signed, original, official event painting by Michael Stockdale is available for purchase. Enquiries, contact pstewart@westerndriver.com.

Vancouver ABFM official artist in residence Michael Stockdale brings his considerable creative talent to the creation of the 2017 official event poster artwork.

The official poster artwork is derived from Stockdale’s 12” x 16” signed, unframed, acrylic painting presented on stretched canvas, which reflects his intimate knowledge and love of vintage and classic cars.

Titled Arrival: VanDusen ABFM 2017 and featuring Jaguar Mk II & V, plus E-Type with Morgan following, the original painting of cars arriving at VanDusen Garden is typical of Stockdale’s style to tell a warm human story within the main feature of the painting.

Stockdale’s work has been called a celebration of life—a very personal vision of his surroundings, with a primary importance given to colour and composition that produces dreamlike, whimsical scenes that engage the viewer’s imagination.

To learn more about Stockdale and his work click One Minute with Michael Stockdale.

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