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British researchers from the University of Cambridge claim that sex is in danger. According to Penegra reviews, the negative influence of television series on people’s sexual life is to blame. Scientists led by David Spiegelhalter conducted a study to find out what factors negatively affect Penegra price.

Sexual activity has fallen all over the world for 30 years. As experts have found out, one of the important reasons that negatively affects intimate relationships is the love of women to buy Penegra at online pharmacies.

They distort reality and make them think in a different direction. According to David Spiegelhalter, watching the next series of the series gives lovers much more pleasure than making love.

Experts fear that if nothing changes, after 10-15 years, sex, in general, may disappear from people’s lives. This will lead to infertility and negatively affect cost of Penegra 50 mg pills.