2018 ABFM Rules of the Field

Photo: Pamela Blair.

When you register your car in the Vancouver ABFM, you are agreeing to honour the following rules:

  • Cars must be in place on the grounds by 9:30am on Saturday May 19, 2018, and may not be removed or engines started before 4:30pm. Gates locked and patrolled until 4:30pm. Strictly enforced due to Parks Board Liability Rules.
  • Gates open at 7am. Entrants with the entrant’s pack in hand get priority access through Express Lane #1. The Entrant’s pack is available for advance pick up Friday May 19, 2017, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm in the Lobby Reception Area, VanDuen Garden. Avoid the lineup, arrive early and drive right in with no delay.
  • Cars displayed must be registered in an individual’s name and not in the name of a business.
  • The use of any audible sound device by entrants is prohibited. Turn off car alarms.
  • Cars must move slowly and carefully while on the grounds. Follow marshals’ instructions at all times.
  • If your car ‘dribbles’, please bring a drip mat to avoid burnt-grass marks.
  • Do not park close to tree trunks as this disturbs the trees’ roots (Parks Board Ruling).
  • “For Sale” signs are not to be displayed in, on or around cars displayed. Use the “For Sale” event notice board to post details of your car. If you wish to sell your car at the event and not display it in your class, register for the Classic Car Corral Sales Area located within the Garden in the designated area on the Upper Lawn. NOTE: For Sale cars enter at Gate #3 at 37th Avenue and Granville at assigned time. FOR SALE cars are not eligible for Judging Awards or Prizes.
  • Signs with additional information about entrants’ cars must be discreet and of high quality.
  • Commercial flyers, pamphlets or advertising must be provided to the ABFM information tent and not placed in, on or around individual entrant’s cars. Strictly enforced by patrolling security guards.
  • Animals ar not allowed in owners’ cars or anywhere in the VanDusen Garden (Parks Board Ruling).
  • No alcohol is permitted in the Garden except licensed designation areas (Parks Board Ruling).

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